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Solar Exercise


We live under the Sun; turning our heads toward the
Sun and standing there in the sunlight for a few moments
allows our intuition to guide us toward creativity and freedom.


It very well may be that certain times during the day are
better than others and certain months of the year are more
appropriate than others when it comes to sunlight gazing;
nevertheless, each time we go outside or we are in a sunny
room, our instinct drives us to search for the sun. Closing the
eyes, following the sun and breathing deeply are all part of this
delightful moment. Sunlight is our first memory.


On a subconscious level it could be that we need to tune
into this vibrating sunlight energy. Everything around us
radiates some kind of freedom. Trying to resonate to this
creative energy gets us closer to OurSelf.


Struggling with insomnia for a couple of decades, the author tries to live in balance by following the middle way. Using the Sunlight energy focus proved to be a real help in getting that extra energy that gets us trough the day, past the stress and past anxiety.

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Mind training, Meditation, Mind exercise, Mindfulness